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That is why we may take a ruddy good figure at when the i Phone 8 will start.

MPU 4 (Desktop / Tablet) First off, here is a recap of recent i Phone launches: i Phone 7: Wed, Sept 7 (reveal) | Fri, Sept 16 (release) i Phone 6S: Thursday, Sept 9 (reveal) | Sunday, Sept 19 (release) i Phone 6: Thursday, Sept 9 (reveal) | Fri, Sept 19 (release) i Phone 5S: Wednesday, Sept 10 (reveal) | Fri, Sept 20 (release) i Phone 5: Wed, Sept 12 (reveal), Fri, Sept 21 (release) Predicated on those times, we'd expect the i Phone 8 reveal time to be either Thursday, Sept 12, or Wed, September 13.

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