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Now I just wait the standard 20-minute response window and I’m golden. The social animals that we are, humans crave interaction and information, but could evolution have predicted that we would carry a 24-7 singles bar in our pockets, or that Valentine’s Day memes would one day replace flowers and chocolate?Maybe next weekend I can take her to that concert my friend was telling me about. The next day: Umm, her Facebook status from yesterday reads, “Deepcember 2016” and she had time to post an Instagram photo of her powder turns, but she didn’t have two seconds to answer my text? Our DNA and ingrained mating strategies seem to be playing catch up to the new ways of finding love in the time of Tinder, Facebook flirting, and winking emojis.

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Now the hours are cut back to - , but at least I can still save the time of waiting for messengers, or driving to/ from Bryant Street. Their staff is friendly and helpful and have always gone the extra mile for me when I have needed a quick turn-around or are on a tight deadline.

I have had them take care of everything from trimming and binding to board mounting and banner production. In addition to the work done in-house, they are able to quickly get completed and delivered to me any work that needs to be done at the Bryant street location.

A review of the dating violence literature reveals a limited number of studies with high school students and few studies that investigate the contextual issues of violence, such as meaning, motivation, and consequences.

The present study sought to investigate the extent of dating violence victimization in a New Zealand sample of senior high school students (aged 16 to 18 years) and the perceived reasons for the violence, emotional effects, disclosure of the violence, and relationship consequences.

“The essential choreography of human courtship, love, and marriage has a myriad of designs that seem etched into the human psyche through the product of time, selection, and evolution,” Fisher explained.

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