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by  |  14-Mar-2020 04:19

co-star Gillian Anderson spoke out about the male-driven writing team on the show.

After news spread that the show’s reboot would use an all male writing team, Gillian mentioned that only 2 of of the series’ 207 episodes had been directed by women.

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So, what do you make of David Duchovny’s tweets to Gillian Anderson? Let’s see some open dating and serious public commitment.

Do you think the couple is gradually going public with their relationship, which is pretty much the worst-kept secret in Hollywood?

Last month Gillian shocked fans when she confessed in an interview with the Huffington Post that she and Duchovny have a “mutual attraction for each other.” We’ve known they were attracted to each other for years, but apparently Gillian is finally coming to terms with it.

And, Gillian’s confession in her interview is just the beginning of a possibly public relationship.

In the past, David Duchovny was married to ex-wife Tea Leoni from 1997–2014.

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