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In 451, when Persia ordered a return to paganism, Armenia's small army defiantly stood firm to defend its faith; at the Battle of Avarair, Persia's victory over these determined martyrs proved so costly that it finally allowed Armenians to maintain their religious freedom.

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The name of the town is thought to be derived from the Latin Casa Bella (i.e. The town of Kessab is 59 kilometres north of Latakia, just 1 kilometre southwest of the border with Turkey (the former Syrian province of Alexandretta), and 7 kilometers east of the Mediterranean Sea.

Located at an average height of 800 metres (about 2,600 feet) above sea level, in the middle of dense coniferous Mediterranean forest, the town is a popular summer destinations in Syria and for foreign visitors.

Armenian Sisters Academy armenianstudies.- Armenian Studies Program Travel and Tourism Agency Biggest tourism company in Armenia.

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