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Obviously, the quickest thing in this scenario would be to acquiesce to Rymir’s requests and just take the paternity test, right?Well, Jay-Z is clearly ignoring Rymir for a reason – we just have to figure out what that reason is.Now, Yahoo Celebrity has confirmed that Jay-Z had changed the lyrics in his song “Beach is Better” from “,” while the two performed in Paris on Friday.

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On Tuesday, the besties were spotted leaving a workout sesh at Soul Cycle in Los Angeles!

Beyonce and Jay-Z absolutely love playing with fans a bit by posting vague pics and tweets that hint toward something they want fans to know without exactly coming straight out with it and now they are at it again as the couple has made very public statements about Beyonce being pregnant that will surely open the door to all the pregnancy talk.

It started a few days ago with Beyonce wearing a dress that exposed her decorated belly looking a little more round than normal – like a baby bump.

Between performances that rake in millions of dollars each to political connections and special foreign travel privileges, read on to see how Mr. Carter became one of the most powerful couples in the world.

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