Correctly dating a beuscher alto sax

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C melody saxophones are usually marked with a letter "C" above or below the serial number.Since 1930, only saxophones in the key of B (originally intended by Sax for use in military bands and wind ensembles) have been produced on a large scale.

I loved the Buescher, it was warm, fat and round; I liked the Conn, it was alive and punchy; I enjoyed the Selmer, it was precise, authoritative..the Martin was all these things, and more.

Ever since then I've always viewed the arrival of a Martin on the bench with some relish - knowing that I'm unlikely to be disappointed, and highly likely to be completely surprised.

When seen in profile, its shape bears some resemblance to a tenor saxophone, though it is smaller and the bell appears longer.

Most C melody saxophones have curved necks (with a similar shape to that of the tenor saxophone) though C. Conn did make straight-necked C melody instruments.

I've always had something of a soft spot for Martin saxes.

Correctly dating a beuscher alto sax

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