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The Scary Truth “The bad guy’s not just at the bus stop anymore.He has entrance right into your kid’s bedroom and hand-held cellphone device.” Predators can target your children even when your child is in the room down the hall. Cyber-bullying and exposures to inappropriate content are additional concerns. I showed an aptitude for math during my early school years. My name is Art and I have degrees in Chemical Engineering (B. For the past 30 years, I have been successfully tutoring middle school, high school and college...

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/hour I am an experienced biology professor with more than twenty-two years of teaching and research experience.

I have a MS and Ph D in Microbiology, a Masters in Public Health and a graduate certificate in Advanced Bioethics. read more See Tutors Like This /hour My primary background is in physics, and I hold a master's degree in that subject.

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