Samsung galaxy s2 email widget not updating

by  |  24-Oct-2019 22:09

But because there were some problems with applications I use daily, I reverted back to my old Android 6.0.1 build. Maybe something with battery optimizations or something?

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IMHO, this should be addressed by Samsung and carriers ASAP.

One main advantage a smartphone has over a feature phone is that a person can easily customize his or her phone by downloading apps to the smartphone.

When I reboot my phone, it updates the widgets one time, and that's that. For example, I have the widget for Google Fit on my home screen, and it is still showing the status from a couple of days ago; when I rebooted my phone.

I tried the Android N beta some time ago (I can't remember if the widgets updated then though). But I'm guessing the Android N beta has nothing to do with my problem? Are there some settings that I could have executed that froze my widgets?

Well, I knew there had to be some type of culprit to blame for this behavior.

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