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Click a link and chat with someone living near Perth now.If you would like to chat in our chat rooms, please click here.A BODYBUILDER posed as a woman to fund a 0-a-week protein powder habit in a global blackmail sex scam, then threatened to post explicit footage of his victims on gay websites if his demands for cash weren't met, a court has heard.

Prosecutor Julian Ayers told the court the planned and premeditated attacks saw Rye demand more than $12,000 from his victims.

Bank records revealed more than $7800 had been transferred to Rye from some of his victims.

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Mr Ayers said the "unsuspecting" men thought they were talking to "a young and sexually available woman by the name of Sam or Melissa" at they time they were recorded."Whilst the unsuspecting men sent their own live images via the webcam, the accused played a pre-recorded video of a young woman via his webcam," he said."He would then suggest to the men to strip naked and masturbate …on a promise that 'she' would also strip naked."Mr Ayers said after performing the sexual acts as requested , Rye would then reveal the scam and demand cash payments."If you don’t co-operate I will upload it and show one person a day until you see I’m serious, and then you can contact me via email when you want to pay and I’ll stop showing people," Rye told his victims."If you go offline, or don’t co-operate, I will upload the video of you …to a gay website," he told them.

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