Lohan dating

by  |  04-Jan-2020 07:13

Lindsay Lohan's brother got married over the weekend, but the actress wasn't able to attend his big day.

Her spokesperson tells Daily Mail.com: 'Her brother knew she would not be there they spoke before it happened and she wished him well.' Lindsay was missing from the ceremony, and has been social media silent for the past week.

However, her parents Michael and Dina Lohan both watched their son say 'I do,' despite their contentious relationship with each other.

The Sick Note star's younger sister, Aliana also attended Mike and Nina's wedding.

The singer posted a short video of the room where the bride and the flower girl were getting ready.'So happy to have you apart of our family Nina,' she captioned the clip.

When asked if the request “freaked her out a bit”, Lohan replied: “It did, I’m from New York, I was born and raised there so I was a little intimidated.” During the interview, which was praised by fans on Twitter, Lohan said she had been studying Islam but did not confirm if she was planning to convert to the religion.

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