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There is respect for others that is a polite human kindness , then the greater respect that is earning by a nice person from their actions over time or position, etc., We error in thinking that family members, parents have some automatic and permanent level of infallible respect of can do no wrong.

The 'card' of : ' I gave birth to you, I fed you, housed you, etc.' We think we are supposed to stand and listen like some lectured bad schoolchild in the kitchen while vile, mean spirited and purposeful words and actions are put on us, day after day or years, add up and they always are supposed to get a total pass, a cleansing that the day's midnight erases from all responsibility of actions.

In the simplest terms, 'it's a two way street here.' A parent can't do things that they would not do to their neighbor, at the workplace, a restaurant with a stranger, to 'you / us', as if we are some beaten stepchild -slave, indentured for life, to them.

The same parents teach us as when repeated bullying or whatever actions from that one classmate happens, ' to simply stay away from that.' this is what real world effect and actions feels like.

While the Wards continued at Ballinderry into the early nineteenth century, Andrew Comyn does not appear to have resided there. Comyn was resident there in 1837 and on the disestablishment of the Church of Ireland Nicholas, son of Andrew Comyn and Sabina Ward acquired the freehold of the property.[iv] Nicholas, son of Andrew and Sabina Coymn, was born in 1787, and while he is given as one among other issue of his parents, he would appear to have been the senior-most or senior-most surviving, given that he possessed both Ryefield and Ballinderry in his time, apparently simultaneously.

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