Validating performance improvement projecrts

by  |  01-May-2020 07:43

I did some performance diagnostic in swagger-tools, and I found that, for a request, the most time spending module in the API infrastructure is the validator middleware.

By looking into the call stack, most of the time is spending in helpers.js#L59.

(c) Nothing in this subpart restricts the authority of the General Services Administration (GSA) to enter into schedule, multiple award, or task or delivery order contracts under any other provision of law.

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To evaluate the standard elements of a PIP, the Meta Star team used the methodology described in CMS EQR Protocol 3, Meta Star reviews and provides a written evaluation report to both DHS and the MCO/HMO for each PIP submitted under the contract period.

During the contract year, at the direction of or in collaboration with DHS, Meta Star may also review projects for pre-approval and provide technical assistance to MCOs/HMOs conducting PIPs.

ABC System: In cost management, a system that maintains financial and operating data on an organization's resources, activities, drivers, objects and measures.

ABC Models are created and maintained within this system.

Power distance and its moderating role in the relationship between situational job characteristics and job satisfaction–an empirical analysis using different cultural measures.

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