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By Marilyn Friedman and Lorinda Toledo We’re so excited!

A Night of Sexy Stories at Writing Pad is almost here!

Make a list of 3 dates or moments in your relationship when something embarrassing, crazy or funny happened. Make sure to include the sensory detail and post your story in the comments of this blog to be entered into the July/August comment contest for a free class!

Although it was not funny in the moment, Marilyn is going to write about the man who will be forever known as Valentine’s Day Killer in her dating history book.

Just as the generation of children who grew up on a diet of Harry Potter are by and large the same twenty-somethings who continue to power the J K Rowling juggernaut, my generation — baby boomers raised on Enid Blyton — is being given another golden opportunity to stoke the nostalgic embers of the Famous Five.

Funny dating books

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