Easy sexy chat - Cydia changes not updating

by  |  03-May-2020 10:17

Hot on the heels of the source code being posted to Git Hub yesterday, Luca Todesco has posted a very early build of the tool to his website.Work on the Git Hub code proceeded quickly after its posting last night, with Todesco and others merging several commits to enable Substrate, add more device support, and streamline the tool.In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to uninstall the newly updated i OS 11 beta 1 firmware and downgrade back to i OS 10.3.2. Unlike the original installing process you can’t just remove the profile from your Settings app and call it a day. The table below shows the status regarding some of the most recent firmware.

This process can take awhile so sit back and relax.

Once your i Phone is rebooted, you can go ahead and set it up as usual.

It is for this reason that the supported device list at the moment is restricted to 16k devices.

Once Todesco has updated the code, the offsets added already by others will bring the i Phone 6 and i Phone 5s into the fold, with other 64-bit devices joining as their offsets are added.

For instance, every time I open the Messages app, it would take more than 6 seconds to display everything.

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