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Besides the fact that they don’t wear blue eye-shadow and put Dippity-Do in their hair with hot rollers, they’re way more glamorous and refined now. We were just these goofy girls—we didn’t know anything about fake nails and tanning beds in the ‘80s. They’re sexier now in more of a processed way..don’t get the cuteness of the Traci Lords or the little perkiness of Ginger Lynn, you know what I mean? There wasn’t Botox and we didn’t have microdermabrasion facials and designer matte makeup. It would probably have to be the first time I was with a woman, which was on film—Ginger Lynn. You've got a radio show now, but what’s life like for most porn stars after it all ends? I’ve just been having so much fun doing radio for the last nine years. Julia Ann has never really taken a break since the ‘90s; she’s on once a week, but she’s very passionate about animal rescue.If Ginger tried to get in nowadays, she’d probably have big ol’ fake bazoongas put in. We had Revlon or whatever was available in the department stores! The crew was fascinated with the fact that they could get girls, for 0, to suck a d*ck on film. You could see the light-stands in the shot; you could see the guy holding the boom pole. There are also plenty who will simply just disappear. I mean, there are still great guys now who are hot and sexy, but these guys were the true blues. And who knows where their minds were during shooting. We went to all these fabulous locations: we got there at 8 a.m. I’ve never really had a job where I had to show up on time. You have stars like James Deen and Sasha Grey who’ve jumped to mainstream movies and back again—and it seems like there’s less of a stigma.

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It turns out Ladewig is alive, well and flourishing. And I love it." When asked about the show itself, Ladewig admits she was a bit concerned about how the editing process would portray her in the show. " she remarked to her husband before they watched it together. "My husband and I just looked at one another and felt this overwhelming sadness," she said.

After being fired by Jurena during the filming of the show in June, she decided to pack her bags and join Dan – her husband of 20 years – in California, where he had taken a position about a year prior to the taping of the show. "No one really knew what I had been going through, and this was the first time a lot of people really heard my story.

That team is staying strong after someone fired at least six shots at Milwaukee Fire Department Station 13 near 30th and Locust on Friday.

Four firefighters were inside when the bullets went flying.

He gave me his agent’s business card—at the time there were two agents, now there are 2,000—and I didn’t call right away. Or they’re like Ginger and I—we seem to be here forever doing different things. Samantha Strong was from the ‘80s and it’s like..the f*** happened to her?

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