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but as one source puts it, "It's not looking good." PM PT -- A rep for the hotel where Warren was arrested tells TMZ Sports, "we were contacted by the Phoenix Police in a matter involving a guest." "We are cooperating with police as they look into the situation since it is an active investigation. We're told Sapp was taken into custody at a hotel in Downtown Phoenix.

Same can be said for Consequence (aside from the event appearances), as he continues to make music, and recently reminisced on social media about his work with Kanye to commemorate the 10th anniversary of , many people checked out from the show, claiming that it had sunk to a new low.

And despite the fact that she was treated like crap, for season five, Shaunie and Co. So what is the ex-fiancée of Richard Jefferson up to now?

Cops say two women told police they were at the hotel "as escorts" and went to Sapp's room, where an argument broke out over money.

PM PT -- New details in the Warren Sapp arrest ...

Reality TV isn’t for everybody, and the following people learned that the hard way. She was either talking herself into drama or she was getting popped in the head by the always crunk Tami Roman. While they were supposed to be committed to one another, Budden was busy trying to get back on the good side of Tahiry Jose, who he would later break Garcia’s heart to get back with.

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