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Hello friends, I have a Grid View control, to which I have assigned Edit and Delete command. aspx page: For more details, please check the following samples: ASP.I want to provide users the functionality to cancel out of edit mode when editing data. Net My SQL CRUD: Select Insert Edit Update and Delete in Grid View using My SQL database in ASP.

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Gridview1rowupdating not working Free online dating chat asian for xxx

The Details View control displays the details of the selected record perfectly.

When I click Edit (when my DV_Item Updating(object sender, Details View Update Event Args e) fires off) e.

Hello All, Thank you fr the help u have provided previously. I've implemented a search box to search fr the name and edit the status of the person.

Nw, I'm struck at editing the row which is displayed after search operation being performed. But if I'm trying to implement edit option on the searched entry it is not working as how I needed .

You shoud define the editable control in edittemplate.

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