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ARIZONA ADVENTURERS: Outdoor activities group for Jewish singles (ages 21 ) in the Valley of the Sun. ARIZONA SINGLE ADVENTURERS INC: Camping club, year-round, twice a month self-contained camping with hiking.. ARIZONA SWING AND LATIN DANCE CLUB WORKSHOP: Learn & practice all swing and Latin dances Mostly singles.

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The workshops began in fall 2016, and the fellows received a $500 stipend for completing the program.

Strengthening the relationship between Israeli Jews and Diaspora Jews not only makes for a stronger Israel, but it also creates stronger local communities and makes a powerful impact on Jewish identity.

The Scottsdale team, including resident Gene Graham, raised $2,012, which coincides with 2012 — the year the building was opened. resize=350,524" style="width: 350px" / The Jewish Tuition Organization (JTO) is urging Arizona companies to take advantage of the $5 million the Arizona Department of Revenue still has available before it reaches its cap for the 2017 corporate private school tax credit. Generations After (GA) of the Phoenix Holocaust Survivors Association (PHSA) is once again sponsoring its Phoenix GA Discussion Group, a series of meetings for family members of Holocaust survivors.

This year, meetings will also be held at the East Valley Jewish Community Center (EVJCC).

Meets 7pm the last Friday of each month at Metro Cafe, Metrocenter. BID 500 Card Club - First Sunday of every month (602) 493-3979 BOCCE SINGLES: Play at Arizona Italian American Club, 7509 N.

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