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If you are interested in exchanging your Foscam camera for an Amcrest camera, we can offer you a massive loyalty discount, even if you are out of warranty. The manual indicates that in order to view the web ui in a browser other than IE, one must download the Quicktime application. Can someone provide me with the urls to access the RTSP, HTTP, and snapshots (if available) from the FI8608W?

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If you search on this site for the tag "hydra", you will find many, many others with a similar problem.

US (aka Foscam Digital Technologies and now Amcrest Technologies) is an independent United States based distributor of "Foscam" branded products. Windows Operating System Under Windows operating system, if Quick Time plug in is not installed, the system will remind Under Windows operating system, if Quick Time plugin is not installed, the system Will remind the user to install the program. After a successful installation, the user can start the Quick Time After a Successful installation, the user start the Quick Time Cdn program. To configure properly Quick Time, please click on the edit menu, select “Quick Time Preferences”, To configure Properly Quick Time, please click on the edit menu, select "Quick Time Preferences", click ”Advanced” Tab ,on streaming area , transport setup, choose “Custom…”,on the “streaming click "Advanced" Tab, the streaming area, transportation setup, choose "Custom ...", on the "streaming Transport ”dialogue box ,choose transport protocol as “HTTP”, Port ID “80”,then click OK. Since Quick Time is the default Since Quick Time is the default program for Video/Audio play, the user will have to type into the Terminal Program the following program for Video / Audio play, the user Will Have to Into the Terminal Type the Following Program command command qtdefaults write Transport Settings HTTP 80 Then you can open safari to view the video.. If I click my mouse on the picture an error message pops up; "An error occured Could not determine type of stream".

I'm curious why it's saying it's found a password when it clearly hasn't.

Also, I've used Hydra on a couple of other security cameras, and it did find and display a user name and password, but when I entered the user name and password found, it just prompted me again for the user name and password. Yes, this is the expected behaviour when hydra is not configured properly to determine when a credential pair is successful.

We have been offering telephone support, US local warranty and building the Foscam brand in the US for the past 7 years. trans=http&username=admin&password=xxxxxx The port below is the camera port, the example below is using port 80. Transport "dialog box, choose transport protocol as" HTTP "Port ID" 80 ", then click OK.

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