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Okay, first an overview of what was happening for anyone who doesn’t already know.

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So, what happens when you take 16 people, from six different countries, ranging in age from 13-26, and give them 11 months to write what is (most likely) the largest single piece of collaborative fanfiction this phandom has ever seen? Podfic'd version here, chapter-by-chapter and eventually an entire podbook version.

Original story found on Fanfiction and Tumblr (links within) Dan is on his way, early in the morning, hope in his heart and trepidation in every step.

This insight is the foundation of our brand platform, because Thomas Cook’s service is built purely to enable these indulgent moments.

Articulated as ‘You’re on holiday’ we differentiated the Thomas Cook Group from the marketplace, drove consumer reappraisal and helped set a radical and inspiring new agenda which was bold, innovative and highly emotive.

Obviously, Ben Cook, the web show’s host was there, and there were also such guests as Jack and Finn Harries (jacksgap), Tom Milsom (hexachordal), and Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs (OMFGIts Jack And Dean).

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