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What would you call a place that offered great wine tastings, tours, music, a beautiful garden and even some pet friendly events? It's Oliver Winery in Bloomington, Indiana I'm thinking about.

105–8810] concluded that modern human mate choices do not reflect predictions of tradeoffs from evolutionary theory but instead follow a “likes-attract” pattern, where people choose mates who match their self-perceptions.

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Speed dating events in bloomington indiana

However, reported preferences need not correspond to actual mate choices, which are more relevant from an evolutionary perspective.

In a study of 46 adults participating in a speed-dating event, we were largely able to replicate Buston and Emlen's self-report results in a pre-event questionnaire, but we found that the stated preferences did not predict actual choices made during the speed-dates.

Something about the happiness in her eyes looks familiar.

A nearby picture of a young man shows a strong resemblance.

In the scene where Dave admits to Catherine that he is not Italian but is actually a "Cutter" (one of the local residents), Catherine starts to walk off, then turns back and slaps him across the face.

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