Any chart room like toilet for sex

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Some countries even have mandatory laws emphasizing the need for a restroom especially for the women folk these are the ladies' room.

In an attempt to get out, he’d fallen over the side — and we knew it was time for his first proper bed. ‘It’s not fair.’Mums who admitted to the practice — which is not illegal in Britain — were left devastated by the online vilification they received.

Predictably, he soon learned to undo his stair gate, and in the middle of the night would blunder up and down stairs in darkness. But, as we live in a three-storey house, danger was everywhere. Comments ranged from the unhelpful ‘Are you out of your mind? ’ One of the typical arguments against locking a child’s door is what happens if there is a house fire and your baby can’t escape?

In official complexes or buildings, one often finds a washroom and a restroom.

While a washroom is used for personal hygiene, the restroom is usually frequented by people who are tired and want to rest for some time.

In general, they are comfort zones to denote a public or commercial personal hygiene facility.

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