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In fact, research suggests that polyamory can be healthier than monogamy because those involved are more likely to tackle niggling issues in order to keep the relationship alive.Last year, dating service OKCupid added a setting allowing couples to search the website for people to join their pairings – suggesting there is a hunger for polyamory.

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“Cheating is non-monogamy, but not everybody has the ability to say yes or no to it.”Jones said there is no gray area between the two fundamentally different practices.“If you’re in a relationship with someone who wants to be monogamous, and you don’t respect that, that sucks. Kai Yost, a freshman film studies and intended entertainment and media studies major, said motivation for instigating a polyamorous relationship is also an important factor.“Don’t enter into a poly relationship for the sake of, ‘Oh, several people! “Enter into it if you feel like you can have that commitment and you feel like ‘This is what I need to fulfill myself.’”Yost’s long-term polyamorous relationship with a married man ended recently because of the geographical distance between the two partners.

“It gave me intimacy with several people romantically and platonically that I felt was really nice,” Yost said.

“Even on the platonic level, I got a lot of emotional support. She was supportive of me, and I was supportive of her.”Although the experience was positive, Yost admits there are possible complications when there are multiple people in a relationship.“Communication in a poly relationship is very important, and a lot of the times that can fall flat,” Yost said.

“It’s no one’s fault—it just falls flat sometimes.”Mc Manus also talks about the challenges of a nontraditional partnership, reminiscing on the four-year polyamorous relationship she entered in 2012.“For me, polyamory has solved a lot of problems that crop up most often in relationships and opened up a whole new field of exciting problems,” Mc Manus said.

Kai Yost, a freshman studying Entertainment and Media Studies at the University of Gerogia, from Smyrna, Georiga, poses for a portrait in the LGBT Resource Center located in Memorial Hall, in Athens, Georgia, on Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

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