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by f (london) I'm an Aquarius woman who has dated many Aquarius men. Yes they have mixed signals but that is because they usually don't know themselves. Good luck xxx Hi f, Thank you for taking the time to post your experiences with dating Aquarius men. Interesting comment about them needing lots of compliments. I just read all about the guy I dated (not anymore). I made my husband move to get away from all of that. Sounds all complex but they are perverse, yet sexy and very loyal in a loyal. If I had been single, all of this would have intrigued me but I was married and my husband means the world to me. I wasn't looking to have an affair at the time but somehow I felt as though he was looking to mess up my marriage.

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Mercury is also part of this theme and will start his backwards motion on Sunday, which soon leads back to this sector of your life, so that he can help you to take mental stock of what needs to finally be put to rest here.

We are located in Croatia, at the Zrće beach on the island of Pag, in the center of the Adriatic sea.

By Friday the Sun and Jupiter jump into the equation with a positive sextile that gives you hope and an open spirit with which to work.

You are willing to listen to the point of view of others so that you can work out any differences.

These women love to have a good time; cherish the little things in life.

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