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Alan Palomo, better known in the blogosphere as producer Neon Indian, is a self-proclaimed "social media Goro," with hundreds of thousands of followers across multiple social media platforms and a treasure trove of good content™ to back up his case.

Grimshaw hooked Styles up to a heart monitor and showed him photos of various stars, including the Victoria's Secret model.

When Rowe's picture appeared, Styles smirked and said, "I don’t know her, but …

And yet they are still boyishly enthusiastic about their success.

Goldwasser, the quieter of the two, says: "Talking to a lot of young people in England, they are so sick of stripped-down singalong rock.

They believe that he will keep things with Camille quiet, so right now there's a lot of rumor and speculation about who Camille Rowe is, how she and Harry might have met, and how long they've been together.

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