Dating widowed dad

by  |  26-Aug-2019 05:42

I was Co-Principal investigator of the Harvard Child Bereavement Study. The differences are on many levels, and I think still relevant.

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He told me they were moving because of too many memories and that it was time to move on.

Well, after he got moved into his new house, we started corresponding over email and chatting online. We fell in love and wanted to take things slowly for his kids’ sakes.

He has told me that he’s really struggling with this because he made a promise to them that if they didn’t think it was right, then he wouldn’t do it.

But, he also tells me that he loves me and my kids very much and that his kids love us, too, but don’t want to be with us on a permanent basis.

The loss of a parent brings about emptiness for children which never seems to go away, whether they are still young or are adults already.

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