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The goal of this project is to create a way to modify the automated build process of TFS so that versioning is automatic while giving the user the flexibility that they need given the project’s process requirements.

Example of the updated TFS 2012 Build Definition template (Version 2.0) shown below: Example of the Version file used to create the Tfs Versioning custom build activity assembly. Tfs Versioning works very well with the recently updated Nu Getter Automated Build extensions (also on Code Plex).

Within the Team City control panel, on the general settings page for your build configuration, you have two important boxes.

The first box defines the build number format, there is then a place holder as which is where Team City inserts it counter value. Every time your project is built, this is increment.

@Mat's Mug Last I checked(years ago), that didn't work as I'd liked.

The numbers weren't incrementing, but instead being eradic and random, I probably should have checked again before writing this : D (as explained in svick's comment), here is a functionally superior solution to the previous answer I posted.

A script solution is surely more reusable, so I’ve decided to create a little script in Powershell to modify all files before the build.

Updating assemblyinfo

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