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Where a return to service date is expected to fall more than two weeks into the future, the week commencing in which a reactor is due to return to service will be indicated (shown as “w/c”).Additional information on the availability of our nuclear power stations can be found on our REMIT page.While SPS serves many of the cities and towns in the Panhandle and Eastern New Mexico, Golden Spread Electric Cooperative serves the more rural areas.

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It was approximately 19 km (12 mi) from the epicenter of the second strongest earthquake to ever occur at a nuclear plant, the M 6.6 July 2007 Chūetsu offshore earthquake.

This shook the plant beyond design basis and initiated an extended shutdown for inspection, which indicated that greater earthquake-proofing was needed before operation could be resumed.

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The Jones 4 Unit should be online by the end of April, said Wes Reeves, spokesman for SPS’ parent company Xcel Energy.

The utility uses natural gas in most of its plants except for the Harrington Station just northeast of Amarillo and the Tolk Station east of Muleshoe.

2 dating power station unit

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