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Topics include when and why businesses need estimates and when they don’t need them; turning estimates into a plan and validating progress on the plan; why software estimates are always full of uncertainties, what these uncertainties are and how to deal with them.

They continue with: estimation, planning and monitoring a Scrum project from the beginning to a possible end.

is a Microsoft Windows application that estimates (with an associated probability of success) the cost, schedule, effort, staffing, and product reliability that can be expected from a given software development project.

is a software project management decision support tool that incorporates proven mathematics, recent industry data, and modern software technology to provide probabilistic estimates of your project's key management metrics. Key management metrics and confidence probabilities are graphically displayed and dynamically adjustable to facilitate complex real-time what-if analysis so you can quickly analyze and communicate the range of possibilities for your project.

Allows the user to specify, for each element (except Cost Only & Event elements), the staffing profile shape as being either piecewise linear or Rayleigh with extensive control over each function including non-zero start and finish staff levels.

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