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He has hair like Alex Turner’s: Andrew Van Wyngarden’s eyes: Ezra Koenig’s smile: Adam Levine’s tattoos: Mark Foster’s dance moves: Mark Pontius’ surfing skills: Julian Casablanca’s mysteriousness: Guy Berryman’s witty humor: Brandon Flower’s romantic ways: Phillip Phillips’ cuteness: Mixed with Jared Followill’s douchebag ways: And finally with (even though he’s not a musician) Cory Kennedy’s skateboarding: So, that’s it, If you know this person please make sure to introduce him to me.

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The puppy’s state of mind, however, is inscrutable — sunglasses conceal his eyes, and his furry tongue dangles jauntily. Then, finally, a howling voice gets through: “Who are you with? MGMT performed at a New York Fashion Week party, complete with attendant Olsen twin, but he doesn’t remember actually playing.

A leafy sprig hangs from the scarf tied around his noggin. Ten yards away, barricaded in front of Toronto’s tony department store Holt Renfrew for the Toronto International Film Festival kickoff bash, paparazzi and camera crews grow visibly anxious. The 25-year-olds stroll toward the black carpet, possibly addled stuffed pooch in hand. He does remember drinking a lot of Maker’s Mark and “trying really hard to stay in control,” but not throwing pillows at security or fleeing into the streets or stumbling into a homeless shelter. He recalls getting thrown out of the shelter, whiskey bottle in hand, and being picked up on a sidewalk by two ladies who gave him water; he woke up at in the morning on their futon.

He has so many girls after him (like you and me) and still he has been single for about six months WTF.

He's been famous for 3 years and he's only dated Fabiola Gatti (for a year or so) and Kirsten Dunst (he dated her briefly).

I'm not criticizing him for this or anything, it's just an observation, cause you know, most guys in his position would have gone totally wild and had a different girlfriend every week.

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