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Beating an addiction requires a huge commitment, and discovering how to get sober is the first step.Once you acknowledge there's a problem and begin to get sober, you'll find many options for addiction recovery .Getting sober is possible when you: Addicts wondering how to quit using drugs may find that committing to stopping can be an excellent first step.

His wartime speeches and radio addresses have seen him remembered as one of the great orators of the 20th Century.

Winston Churchill's ability to lift the spirits of the British people in times of adversity were, however, neatly balanced with a sparkling line in withering put-downs.

But -- as is often the case in towns that knock 'em back -- Beantown takes its sobriety seriously, too.

And where better to annotate and highlight the pages of your Big Book than in this hub of Ivy-League intellect?

Noel Gallagher is on the list for his pop at Robbie Williams during the years of their infamous feud: “You mean that fat dancer from Take That?

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