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I had left my apartment that afternoon thinking how refreshing it was to not have the pressure to immediately have sex.So I thought maybe he wanted to show me another place and was taking me there to eat.But, things are not always so peachy when the weather is hot and she thought 4-inch wedges would be a good idea for NIOSA.

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“A carefully written text or email can still be romantic,” says Julie Spira, author of The Perils of Cyberdating.

It was our second date—another day date, which I appreciated.

You might have seen Slumdog Millionaire and love a curry on a Friday night, but that doesn’t mean you understand the intricacies of just how much you’re expected to eat in an Indian home (spoiler, it’s a lot).

Don’t be scared, we’re here to give you a heads up…

Think dating an Indian girl is all about bindis and Bollywood? You’re not just dating a single person, you’re now involved with an entire (extended) family.

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