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Regardless of income level, Black and Latino adolescents are disproportionately affected by HIV infection and other STDs and have higher rates of pregnancy than white adolescents.Although Blacks comprised only 15 percent of all adolescents aged 13–19 in the United States in 2010, they accounted for 69 percent of all diagnoses of HIV infection among adolescents.The Safe and Supportive Schools project increases the capacity of state education agencies to help school districts create safe and supportive school environments for all students and staff and for groups of youth at disproportionate risk.

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This data showed that 28% of the street youth identified as lesbian, gay or bisexual, 11% were unsure of their sexual orientation or were not comfortable answering the question and 5% identified as transgender with another 18% unsure or choosing not to answer the question about gender identity.

The study also verified what we see at the Ali Forney Center (AFC) everyday; LGBTQ street youth experience greater levels of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking violence, trauma, HIV infection, mental health issues and substance abuse than their heterosexual counterparts in the homeless youth population.

Of the males, 43.6 percent had experienced at least one type of abuse from a same-sex partner, and 39.8 percent of the females reported experiencing at least one type of abuse from a same-sex partner.

Controlling behaviors were the most common type of abuse, followed by emotional abuse (Journal of Adolescent Health, 2002).

Young people who share certain demographic characteristics are disproportionately affected by HIV infection and other STDs.

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