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by  |  31-Aug-2019 11:49

It is the exemplar of the term "hemorrhaging edge" -- there is no piece of software too advanced, too experimental, or too downright dangerous for the main tree.

In fact, if the users don't crash their box at least once a week due to new and untested software they will swarm onto the forums and accuse Gentoo of "going all Debian" on them.

UTF-8 locale is needed for Diaspora build (specifically, command bundle install --without development test heroku) to be successful. UTF-8 (tested value but it looks like any UTF8 locale is OK).

Can be done by adding the follwing line into /etc/env.d/02locale Configure and start mysqld.

Old-school Linux users were desperate to find a new way to feel superior.

Some migrated to versions of BSD, others gave into baroque feats of self-torture like multi-booting 4 different operating systems from one USB drive.

Please keep in mind that if you are using ssh to connect to the machine your installing on you will need to edit the sshd config to allow root login otherwise you will not be able to access your machine.

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