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Here are two examples [IPRH]: In 1955 the aphorism was credited to the philosopher Seneca in a Louisiana newspaper. (Google Books full view) link [CJWT] 1880, Charles Jewett: Life and Recollections by William M. (Google Books full view) link [IPRH] 1891 March 13, Iowa Postal Card, Wit and Wisdom, Page 7, Column 5, Fayette, Iowa.

The authors found a citation before 1900 and placed the phrase in a special appendix listing: “No Longer Modern Proverbs” [DMRW]. In 1850 an article about the relationship between Britain and India was published in the U. The phrases in the compilation were obtained from a variety of periodicals, and the same article was printed in several newspapers in different states.

The sixty-year-old actor/director also has enjoyed a lifelong passion for being on the other side of the camera lens.

He is an acclaimed photographer known for portraits, landscapes, and headshots and operates the studio ‘Shadow Works’. It’s sort of an odyssey to go on this journey with someone.

Parker Stevenson is an American television and film actor.

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