Salt lake city dating ideas

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Drive out to the desert and spell words with rocks 41.

Hike to a waterfall and see if you can follow the feeding stream 50. Take the tram to the top of a ski lift in the summer and hike down 52. Take a long ride or walk with your date and several little children 54.

Sugarhouse Park – Sugarhouse Park is another of Salt Lake City’s most popular parks, but with 110 acres, there is plenty of room to spread out.

If you actually live by a snow resort, forget this idea and grab some skis.

HAHA Ok, as I wrote this title I wanted to convey that in this post I’m going to talk about trying new and different things, AND that I’m also sharing some fun pictures from our anniversary getaway, (and date ideas for Salt Lake City) but when you talk about anniversaries and doing things differently it can start to sound kind of kinky…HAHA and I swear this post is not about anything THAT different and or sexual. But because of the How to Be Awesome series, I’ve been trying to do things differently and here’s why: The definition of insanity (according to Einstein I think) is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ) I was telling myself the same sob stories in my head about why I can’t do this or that, and at the same time expecting “this or that” to happen. And also keep in mind I don’t count business expensives and thankfully my nails and parties are business expenses… It was my year to plan our anniversary and I decided I wanted to make it special. So I went out of my comfort zone and reached out to The Grand America. And not only yes, but they offered a few spa services for us to review and a night at the Utah Symphony. I was trying SO HARD to employ this radical new “Alison” response, and that’s when I did number 3: 3. I decided that Eric (who really wanted to go backstage, again, he’s a musician) and I would go backstage, and instead of trying to prove why I was back there, I would do my best to be as uplifting and enthusiastic about their performance as humanly possible. Stop worrying about what people are going to THINK you mean, do or say, worry more about what you mean, do or say, and that those are good, then let go. Ok, if you are in Salt Lake City, and you like Vietnamese, you MUST MUST go to OH MAI.

” But then I thought: What good is working 50 hours a week to build a personal brand if you hardly get paid or cash in on all that hard work? But still, I was nervous that my readers or IG friends might think I was annoying by flaunting my fancy weekend, but I was on a roll so I decided to do another thing differently and: 2. The conductor, Jerry Steichen and vocalists: Lisa Vroman: Soprano, Gary Mauer: Tenor and William Michals: Baritone (more like sexitone) were gracious and sweet.

And then I’m sure I added like, “Mama should go for what mama wants! STOP WORRYING ABOUT PEOPLE MISINTERPRETING MY ACTIONS. ) Now, I’m gonna sound like an idiot, but I go to SO many concerts (remember my husband is a musician) so at first, the symphony was kind of the last thing I wanted to do. I insisted on hugging Jerry, and he loved my shoes.

Here are my favorite FREE things to do in Salt Lake City with kids.

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