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Over the last several years, I have been pursuing archaeological research in three primary geographic regions: the Desert Southwest of the USA and in different parts of Africa.

In these projects, I have sought to understand how humans adapt to climate change on various scales.

Throwing the ball appeared to be the next logical step in his recovery process, but the Mets haven’t cleared him for the activity yet and don’t appear to have a handle on when he might resume a full-time role on the field.

According to Mastracco, Wright’s lengthy stint on the disabled list doesn’t necessarily mean the Mets will need to eat a significant portion of his salary, thanks to a safeguard they implemented in 2015: [Wright’s setback] makes it unlikely that he’ll return to the team before the 60-game mark, meaning the Mets will recoup 75 percent of contract while he is unable to play, based on the insurance policy the club purchased in 2015.

Don’t expect to see David Wright on the field anytime soon.

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