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And the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star has even suggested that kids may be on the cards.

‘I did talk about babies, so obviously marriage is the next step,’ he tells the Daily Star.

From supermodels to desperate glamour girls - and all of the others inbetween. She’s probably one of the most famously beautiful women in the world so why did she end up bedding the recovered drug addict Russell Brand?

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The 17 Again actor, 23, accompanied 24-year-old Australian actress Teresa Palmer to a screening of her new movie Take Me Home Tonight on Thursday .

Palmer, who also stars in the upcoming thriller, I Am Number Four, previously dated British comedian and lothario, Russell Brand.

Becki eventually spilled the beans to the Sunday Mirror saying that Russ only cares about himself and rolls over to sleep after he gets his, um, pleasure.

Maybe we should remind her of the importance of getting eight hours sleep.

And when Russell hosted the show for a few years he decided to sample the fruits of his labour, quite literally.

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