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Baker was quick, strong and industrious, competent at aerial combat and a biting tackler, while being astute enough not to dive into challenges, especially when Blanchflower had pushed forward.

As soon as you tweak the photo, though — say, adjust the exposure in Photoshop — the data disappears.

That’s part of what’s interesting about the show, too. Cellphone cameras take less-than-perfect stills — the shots are often grainy, control of exposure is limited, cropping tools are nil, etc.

Read More It’s trendier than ever to be artsy, thanks to the nationwide DIY movement that Pinterest spawned.

Franchises such as Paint Nite have cropped up across the country, making painting a popular activity for birthday parties, bachelorette weekends and girls’ nights out.

There was no trace of stardust clinging to Peter Baker.

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