Ms word calendar control not updating

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Article contributed by Dave Rado If a user gets this error message and when you go into debug you find that the VB functions Mid, Left and Right aren't being recognised as valid, it almost certainly means that there is a reference to something which is not installed or not registered properly on their machine.

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Or if there is a reference on your machine whuch doesn't appear on theirs, you're equally well on your way to fiixing the problem.

You can also try re-registering : C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VBA\VBA332.

A building block gallery enables users to select from a list of document building blocks to insert into a document.

A document building block is a piece of content that has been created to be used multiple times, such as a common cover page, a formatted table, or a header.

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Ms word calendar control not updating

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