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She wants a reason to get dressed up more often and to find someone to have a laugh with, as well as share the good times and bad.

The study's figures - 26 vets committed suicide between 19 - don't surprise Mr Norton, 33. "It places an onerous responsibility on the young vet just starting out, even though it is good to help these animals." The dog is doing well, but some practices have faced career-threatening litigation when things have not worked out.

Domestic pets have become increasingly important to the Skeldale practice, because the number of large dairy cattle herds in the practice's area has fallen by 15 per cent this year, making margins considerably tighter.

Tattoos now crawl up and down his arms; a collection of luck-themed designs pay tribute to a Las Vegas jaunt, where he won over $3,000 on a single bet at the blackjack table.

The winning hand is etched on his right forearm opposite the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign on his left.

We are able to examine small ruminants and poultry at the practice.

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