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Are there some guidelines for how long eggs are safe to eat? USDA assures that all labeling and claims made on the carton are truthful and accurate.

of Agriculture Food Safety & Inspection Service (USDA/FSIS), "By understanding the coding on the egg cartons, chefs and bakers can determine the freshness of the eggs.

This is because it is difficult to give the consumer an accurate guide as to how long these foods will keep, as they may retain their quality for many years and are likely to be consumed well before they spoil.

Have you ever wondered why some items in the grocery store have a “sell-by” date or “use-by” date and others have some type of “foreign” code.

“Open Dating,” use of a calendar date, on a food product is a date stamped on a product’s package to help the store determine how long to display the product for sale. Best if used by (or before)– This date is recommended for best flavor or quality. The date has been determined by the manufacturer of the product. Close or coded dates– Packing numbers for use by the manufacturer.

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