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Because of it's proven track record of success, established professionals regularly recommend "Rebuilding" to their clients.

Lo Do is about to be hit by 15 Don Juans in training.

Learn Self Defense in a Weekend through Martial Science We researched thousands of crimes against women, and we also apply proven teaching methodologies that allow students to learn how to protect themselves as we train the mind-body-spirit to respond effectively if assaulted.

This is NOT a martial arts course but instead addresses the dynamics of assaults against women and the specific needs when training women to effectively defend themselves.

Commit and get your life and marriage back on track.” B & D“My fiance and I took the Hold Me Tight workshop as an alternative to pre-marital counseling through our church. We had no idea what to expect but walk away with a greater understanding of ourselves as individuals, as a couple, and what our needs and sore points are. One of the most important ones is to stop and take a breath before saying or doing anything.”You are on your way to securing your spot for the two-day Created for Connection® Workshop for Christian Couples! We will begin the group after three men join and will close the group (not accept additional participants) after the sixth man joins.

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