Sex chat jasmine 100 free nude - Updating a wooden dining set

by  |  16-Apr-2020 07:24

I ended up painting the base with two coats in the ASCP Pure White too.

updating a wooden dining set-86

I have 5 chairs, but only use 3 around the table now.

We didn’t have the banquette seating when we first moved into the house and needed 5 chairs for seating. I have two extra and will probably change out the colors every now and then.

So I’m going to show you a super easy way to skip those steps and still update wood furniture. The finish was nice enough just not the right shade for me.

Besides using Chalk Paint®, I’m going to show you how to either refresh a piece of stained furniture or change the color completely. It did stay like this for a few months until I decided whether I would paint or refinish it. I wanted it a darker color of stain but didn’t want to go through that whole process. I blended these two shades until I came up with the color I wanted. I don’t think I ever just use anything as it comes.

The wood was mostly pretty to begin with, but it had seen better days. I worked in quadrants by brushing on the stain with a foam brush on one quarter of the tabletop, waiting a minute, and wiping back using a clean rag. The right side of the table in this shot is just stained/wiped, the top of the left side had just been brushed with stain, and the bottom of the left side is still bare wood, to give you an idea. I heart all of the pretty, subtle light brown and gray wood tones this stain brings out.

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