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Copy Trans programs work independent from i Tunes libraries.

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If your i Pod or i Phone has never been used with i Tunes, no library was created on your device.

Therefore an error message will appear, stating that there was no library found on your i Pod.

Modifications to the applications and properties of existing pages are also propagated if no changes have been made to them in this site.

When you're updating Creately for Confluence plugin through the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) or by uploading the plugin manually you might receive an error message "An unexpected error occurred.

Please check your portal and publishing,-all-actions-will-be-removed-from-the-role-and-the-default-actions-will-be-enabled-for-the-system-role-x=By choosing to reassign the resource, all actions will be removed from the role and the default actions will be enabled for the system role: .cell-phones-with-sms-text-messaging-capabilities-map-phone-numbers-to-email-addresses=Cell phones with SMS text messaging capabilities map phone numbers to email addresses.

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