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David (played by Jack P Shepherd) comes to blows with Callum (Sean Ward) reportedly to gain custody of Max.

This suggests that David is likely to do a runner with Max and his daughter, Lily, in order to keep his stepson away from the drug-dealer.

When David takes Max out for a walk though, the youngster runs away and rings his biological father.

Normally, the size of couples is almost always as follows: the woman is shorter than the man.

Here are seven celebrity couples: Al Pacino height: 5'7", Lucila Sola height: 5'9" Al Pacino and Lucila Sola were dating for four years until their split in 2014, whereas news from June 2016 say, that Al Pacino wants to marry Lucila Sola.

Drake Doremus, who wrote and directed shortly after the news broke. Then I talked to some people who confirmed it and it's just devastating." He continued, "Everyone's devastated.

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