Not updating apps Fre live cam

by  |  02-Mar-2020 04:50

So to fix the issue, we need to try something different as basic troubleshooting steps didn’t help either.

Meaning, these i Phone users have no idea what battery percentage their device is really at.

At times the battery percentage will drop below 20 percent and jump back up to 60 percent without any warning.

That is why save does not work - entity stays unchanged.

You need either bind entities itself as Data Source to grid, or update property of the corresponding entity when you updating property of projection instance.

And even better - if you have an update event attached to each data item in the bindningsource you can locate the object in the bindning source and use the index of the object to call Reset Item(idx) In this case my custom event args contains a dictionary key to the data object contained in a separate collection.

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