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He had, not long before, been made King of the Alamanni (a German tribe), and styled himself "King of the Romans and always August "-an affix to his German dignity.

Only a few days before he had defied the Barons to fight.

The following contribution deals with Sussex windmills at greater length, and is written largely from notes I have made at intervals during the last 25 years or so. Thurston Hopkins, the former in an article in the "Brighton and Hove Archaeologist," and the latter in his two books, " English Mills and Inns " and " Lure of Sussex." I have taken the liberty of supplementing my own notes with others extracted from these works. Since early morning the Battle of Lewes had raged fiercely across the wide slopes of the Downs beyond the Priory, so much in favour of the Royalists that their victory seemed certain.

The two modern writers who have been concerned most with the Sussex windmill are Mr. The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings is appealing for funds to be applied to the preservation of certain selected windmills, and will shortly publish a series of booklets on windmills, by counties. The Sussex Archaeological Trust has taken over the guardianship of Oldland Mill, on Ditchling Common, and asks for subscriptions for repairs to the mill.-A. At the beginning of the conflict, Richard, Earl of Cornwall, younger brother of King Henry, had, with his youthful son, Edward, taken up his position to the south as commander of the left wing.

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