Halo 3 updating sigs

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As first indicated, there are going to be two options to choose from: For the average user: The current plan is that everyone with a copy of Halo 3 and an Xbox Live Gold account gets 6 slots where you can place up to 25MB of these files to share with the world.For “Bungie Pro” users: Inside your file share, you’ll find a button that will lead to an Xbox Live Marketplace panel, offering you a one-year “subscription” to Bungie Pro for a planned 750 Points.

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Fortauntely, the patch will be available to download before the game's release, meaning if you buy a physical copy, you can prepare before and play the game online straight out of the box.

And if you've pre-ordered a digital copy, there won't be too much of a problem - the patch will come bundled into the download, bringing the total size of the game to roughly 55GB.

According to Ofcom, the average UK broadband speed is 22.8Mbit/s, meaning it would take about an hour to download the patch if your download rate stayed steady.

However, this is mostly due to the rise of superfast broadband - if you've got a slower connection, you'll have to wait hours before you can play Halo 5 the way it was meant to be played.

Plus, a number of Halo 3 manual scans have sneaked their way onto the internet.

Halo 3 updating sigs

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