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The retaining wall was unmarked and no measures had been taken to alert skiers to its presence.

Although Snowbird had placed a rope line with orange flagging near the wall, there was a large gap between the end of the rope and a tree, which Mr. Rothstein had waived his ability to sue Snowbird for its ordinary negligence when he purchased two resort passes that released the resort from liability for its ordinary negligence.“I hereby waive all of my claims, including claims for personal injury, death and property damage, against Alta and Snowbird, their agents and employees.

) Bill ran into a poorly-marked retaining wall and messed himself up but good.

Fortunately, his favored hand wasn’t injured, so he quickly signed off on a lawsuit against the ski operator.

At the time of release, the film was not warmly received. I am really hit and miss on Altman, and feel many of his films need multiple viewings to really appreciate.

"Nashville", for example, took me until the second try to even "get" it.

Trees have been in existence for 370 million years.

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